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The AFCPE Blog is designed to provide new and insightful personal finance information for financial professionals – information that can be shared with both clients and consumers and provides new insights into education and practice.

Financial Literacy Month Spotlight: Get to Know Some of Your AFCPE® Board Members

April 16, 2018

Get to Know the AFCPE® Community: Spotlights of 3 AFCPE® Board Members - Ryan Law, AFC®, Lacey Langford, AFC® and Meredith Lozar, AFC® - representing education, private practice and military.

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Financial Literacy Month Spotlight: Jim Blair, AFCPE® Member

April 09, 2018

Get to Know the AFCPE Community: Jim Blair, AFCPE® Member is a consumer behavior researcher and marketing PhD Student at the University of Rhode Island, and an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Eastern Kentucky University starting this Fall.

#BridgingtheGap, #FinLitMonth

America Saves Week: Bridging the Savings Gap


February 28, 2018

With so many obstacles to saving, how do we help bridge the savings gap for individuals and families, helping to turn savings goals into successful realities and small steps into lasting financial well-being?


AFCPE: Advancing the Profession and Bridging the Gap Across Professionals and Communities

December 19, 2017

As we look to the new year, it is our hope that we can continue the momentum by combining our individual passions and areas of expertise to collectively solve the challenges we are facing as a society. These are uncertain times in our country and around the world. Our field and our professionals are a vital part of the solution.

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America’s Wealth Gap: What It Is and What We Can Do To Close It

December 12, 2017

Recap of a critical discussion. "We have important opportunities to lend our voices & efforts to positive social change for those we serve, beyond our opportunities to educate & motivate on an individual client level."


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