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#FridayFollow – Changing Lives Through Personal Finance and Financial Education

Financial Counseling, Military

February 22, 2019

Don’t give up, you will have challenges, roadblocks, and people that don’t want to see you succeed. Stay on target and GET IT DONE! If you get off course, you’re not the only one. Don’t beat yourself up, get back on course.


#FridayFollow: Financial Education, By Training and Passion

Financial Education

February 15, 2019

Meet Mia Russell, AFC®, a financial educator who leads the content strategy for Wells Fargo’s Hands on Banking® financial education program. In this role, she’s responsible for the development and enhancement of financial education curricula, resources, and tools for all!


#FridayFollow – “A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats”

February 08, 2019

"Support comes in many forms. Mentors can come from inside or outside the industry, but a good mentor is one who has accomplished goals and can help you accomplish yours. Role models are other individuals who have already been through the program. Buddies are going through the program just like you."


#Friday Follow: “A New and Fulfilling Career”

Financial Coaching

February 01, 2019

One of the things we love about financial counseling, coaching, and education is that it is a rewarding career path at any stage in life, and Alan’s journey is a perfect example.


#Friday Follow: “Communicating Family Finances”

January 25, 2019

Learn how Ashley is bridging the gap by utilizing feedback from undergraduate students to inform her research.

Research, FridayFollow

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