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#Friday Follow: “Communicating Family Finances”

January 25, 2019

Learn how Ashley is bridging the gap by utilizing feedback from undergraduate students to inform her research.

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#ResearchWednesday - Serving Underserved Populations: The Incarcerated


January 09, 2019

In my recent article published in the Journal of Financial Counseling & Planning (JFCP), I went back to education—in my opinion, the very foundation of how we function—and I endeavored to answer the question: Does basic financial education increase knowledge for men within two years of release in a work-release program?


#ResearchWednesday - Associations of Health and Financial Resources With Stress


September 19, 2018

Without having to obtain detailed information about a client’s future, financial counselors can assess and potentially influence stress levels by an evaluation of how well-prepared clients feel


#ResearchWednesday - Identifying Bankruptcy Triggers with Medical Debt


September 05, 2018

Nearly 57% (1,094) reported some type of medical debt, with 67% (730) having medical bills of less than $3,000. Using two different “at risk” measurements, a great majority (1,436) were not categorized “at risk” of bankruptcy due to medical debt.


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