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Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning

The Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning (JFCP) connects financial educators, counselors, coaches, and planners to important scholarly research related to the financial decision making of individuals and families. The JFCP provides evidence-based ideas and information that enhance the skills of financial professionals to positively impact the financial wellbeing of individuals and families worldwide.

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Financial Management Competency, Financial Resources, Locus of Control, and Financial Wellness

Aimee D. Prawitz and Judith Cohart

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Assessing College Student Needs for Comprehensive Financial Counseling

Shinae Choi, Clinton G. Gudmunson, Timothy S. Griesdorn, and Gong-Soog Hong

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Financial Stress, Coping Strategy, and Academic Achievement of College Students

Sonya L. Britt, Melanie R. Mendiola, Gregory H. Schink, Racquel H. Tibbetts, and Scott H. Jones

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What Are Student Loan Borrowers Thinking? Insights From Focus Groups on College Selection and Student Loan Decision Making

Carrie L. Johnson, Barbara O’Neill, Sheri Lokken Worthy, Jean M. Lown, and Cathy F. Bowen

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Differences in Credit Card Use Between White and Hispanic Households

Patti J. Fisher

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Differences in Bank Account Ownership Among White, Black, and Latino Children and Young Adults

Jinhee Kim, Jung Eun Kim, and Ui Jeong Moon

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Barriers and Facilitators to Saving Behavior in Low- to Moderate-Income Households

Teresa A. Mauldin, Robin Henager, Cathy Faulcon Bowen, and Michael Cheang

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Information Sources and Retirement Savings of Working Women

Chungwen Hsu

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Perceived and Realized Risk Tolerance: Changes During the 2008 Financial Crisis

Diane K. Schooley and Debra Drecnik Worden

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Care-Related Out-of-Pocket Expenditures in Canada

Karen A. Duncan, Shahin Shooshtari, Kerstin Roger, Janet Fast, and Jing Han

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