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Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning

The Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning (JFCP) connects financial educators, counselors, coaches, and planners to important scholarly research related to the financial decision making of individuals and families. The JFCP provides evidence-based ideas and information that enhance the skills of financial professionals to positively impact the financial wellbeing of individuals and families worldwide.

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Guest Editor’s Introduction to the Special Issue on Consumer Financial Well-Being

Jr-Tsung Huang

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Identifying Bubbles in China’s Property Market for Consumer Financial Well-Being

Congmin Peng

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Seeking Financial Advice and Other Desirable Financial Behaviors

Keith A. Moreland

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Debt Holding, Financial Behavior, and Financial Satisfaction

Judith Aboagye and Ji Young Jung

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Effects of a Randomized Tax-Time Savings Intervention on Savings Account Ownership Among Low- and Moderate-Income Households

Mathieu Despard, Michal Grinstein-Weiss, Anna deRuyter, Shenyang Guo, Jane E. Oliphant, and Terri Friedline

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Are Defined Contribution Plans a Commitment Device?

Tao Guoa and Michael Finke

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Pension Reform Options in Hong Kong

Che Cheong Poona and Fuk Kin Joe Wong

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Teaching Children About Money: Prospective Parenting Ideas From Undergraduate Students

Ashley B. LeBaron, Christina M. Rosa-Holyoak, L. Ashley Bryce, E. Jeffrey Hill, and Loren D. Marks

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User-Source Fit and Financial Information Source Selection of Millennials

Emily J. Huang, Reka A. Lassu, and Kenny K. Chan

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“I Think I Can Get Ahead!” Perceived Economic Mobility, Income, and Financial Behaviors of Young Adults

Julie Szendrey and Laci Fiala

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Credit Card Usage Among College Students in China

Rui Yao and Xiangyi Meng

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Financial Literacy Education in a Work Release Program for an Incarcerated Sample

Katherine (Kate) S. Mielitz, Maurice MacDonald, and Meghaan Lurtz

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Retirement Goal Clarity, Needs Estimation, and Saving Amount: Evidence From Hong Kong, China

Alex Yue Feng Zhu and Kee Lee Chou

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Perceptions of Retirement Adequacy: Evidence From South Africa

Michelle Reyers

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Financial Self-Efficacy and the Saving Behavior of Older Pre-Retirees

Sarah D. Asebedo and Martin C. Seay

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