Is Buying a House a Good Investment? (Not compared to buying stocks… but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it)

A house is the largest asset that most families will ever own. It is also the most emotionally-meaningful. Over the past two decades, housing values have increased significantly, even doubling or tripling in cities like New York and San Francisco. These dynamics result in the conventional wisdom that renting is "throwing money away" while buying "builds equity." This article analyzes those...

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The Standard

2nd Quarter 2017

Thank you to this issue's contributors:

Timothy J. Corriero, CFP®

Alyssa Hart Blakemore, AFC®

Sabrina Johnson, AFC®

Andrew S. Leonard, CFP®

Jessica Padden, AFC®

Michelle Pimentel, AFC®

Joanna Swanson

Brenda Vaughn, AFC®

Rebecca Wiggins

Stephanie R. Yates, Ph.D., AFC®

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