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Special Issues in Estate Planning

“Incentives, Charitable Donations and the Estate Tax: Clarifications” by W. Beranek and D. R. Kamerschen (International Journal of Business, 2016)

In estate planning, a taxpayer must decide between giving to charity and giving to heirs. This paper develops a model for that decision in order to determine if the monetary benefits of...

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The Standard

2nd Quarter 2017

Thank you to this issue's contributors:

Timothy J. Corriero, CFP®

Alyssa Hart Blakemore, AFC®

Sabrina Johnson, AFC®

Andrew S. Leonard, CFP®

Jessica Padden, AFC®

Michelle Pimentel, AFC®

Joanna Swanson

Brenda Vaughn, AFC®

Rebecca Wiggins

Stephanie R. Yates, Ph.D., AFC®

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