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Mini Grant: Recipient Spotlight

Congratulations to recipients of the Mary O'Neill Mini Grant

The call for nominations opens in July 2017.

2016: Expanding Middle School Financial Education in Diverse Neighborhoods through the Use of the Money Dawgs Program

John Grable, Michael Thomas, Michelle Kruger, Kimberly Watkins & Kenneth White

Money Dawgs was created as an alternative youth financial education initiative by AFCPE members teaching and taking classes in personal finance and financial counseling at the University of Georgia. Members of the team, from left to right, include John Grable, Michael Thomas, Michelle Kruger, Kimberly Watkins, and Kenneth White. The team has been providing week long camps for middle school age children to learn about money management topics, wealth accumulation strategies, and general personal finance topics. Funds from the grant will be used to expand the Money Dawgs concept to meet the needs of children living in economically vulnerable neighborhoods.


2015: Starting Over After Foreclosure Toolkit

Erica Tobe and Brenda Long

The Starting Over After Foreclosure toolkit was developed to provide situation appropriate content to meet the unique needs of families. Early marketing efforts with Michigan partners identified an overwhelming need for this material and a need for additional avenues for delivery. To provide clients help beyond the toolkit format, MSUE is also in the process of developing a series of eight, free, stand-alone classes with interactive videos that will be housed on the MSU Desire2Learn course management system. Each class utilizes toolkit content, Reflect and Connect questions and scenarios, downloadable/fillable worksheets, and web-based resources! 

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