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Credit as an Asset E-Learning Course

Understand Credit Building as a Financial Capability Strategy
July 11, 2018

Approved for 6 CEUs for AFCPE Professionals

Credit is an essential building block for asset building. Without a solid credit score and credit history, it is extremely difficult for individuals to qualify for loans to buy a home, a car, start a business or even rent an apartment. Furthermore, the prevalence of predatory and payday lenders creates easy opportunities for individuals to fall into debt and damage their credit, thus hindering their ability to build other assets and financial security. This E-Learning Course offers six interactive, self-paced modules, updated annually to incorporate industry updates.This course trains financial coaches to help their clients build the credit needed to achieve financial self-sufficiency and build wealth. Credit Builders Alliance (CBA) provides an overview of today's credit reporting industry and then dives into tools, strategies and information to help you and your organization build and integrate credit building activities and products into your work and outcomes.

Credit as an Asset leverages the expertise and experience of CBA’s vast community of nonprofit practitioners to identify credit building best practices across sectors and target markets. The training helps participants understand credit building and credit education as a foundational component of any successful financial capability program for underserved clients. Participants receive the knowledge and tools to incorporate into existing programs or to develop new credit building and education programs.

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