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FPA Connect: What to Do When Your Ship Comes In

August 16, 2018 @ 12 - 1:00 PM EST

1 CEU for AFCPE® Professionals
Open to AFCPE & FPA Members

What to Do When Your Ship Comes In

Successfully managing financial windfalls is tough for most people. It is more challenging and complex than most recipients anticipate. It is also difficult for many financial advisors to understand how to help newly wealthy clients.  At first blush, it seems so easy. Clients who experience financial windfalls should just invest the money wisely, of course. But, there are a host of potential emotional issues that may arise and should be dealt with, prior to doing anything. 

Attendees will learn: 

• Definition of financial windfalls

• What financial windfalls can mean to, and for, recipients

• Dealing with the emotions the accompany financial windfalls

• Dealing with requests for money (from family, friends, and attractive business offers)

• Setting appropriate goals

• Settling in to a new reality

Speaker Bio:

Gary O. Clement, considers himself both a lifelong student and teacher of personal finance. He enjoys educating groups, large and small, about money, personal finance, and the myriad financial products, vehicles, and approaches available to them. Over the past 20 years, Gary leads an independent registered investment advisory firm that focuses on comprehensive financial planning and investment management, holds CFP®, CRPS®, CRPC®, AFC®, and MPAS® designations, and is simultaneously pursuing the CFA® designation and a Ph.D. in Financial Planning. Since 2006, Gary has also taught Financial Planning, Investment Management, Retirement Planning and Estate Planning courses for the Certified Financial Planning programs at Oglethorpe University, the University of Georgia, and Kaplan Schweser.

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